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Treatments Available

Reiki - Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing. Recipients report their experience of Reiki as being increased energy, reduction of pain, deep relaxation and a general feeling of well being.

Spiritual Healing - Spiritual Healing is a complementary treatment which is transferred from the Healer who will link into the healing energy which is a natural source within the Universe and channel this to you.

Stress Management - Stress Management is used to control the stress levels that you control within your body, to assist in relaxation.

Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation used to overcome fears, phobias and addictions, along with many other problems.

Reflexology - Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy by applying pressure to the feet, areas of blocked energy can be released to bring about balance in the body by restoring the body's own healing and regenerative powers.

Past Life Regression - Past life regression is a wonderful hypnotic process which assists in the healing of current issues. Not only can you discover what and where you have been in previous lives, it can also help to resolve problems and can provide insight and answers.  It is an extremely effective process for resolving fears and phobias, relationship problems and health concerns. 

Metamorphic Technique -   Metamorphic Technique is used for transformation. The practitioner acts as a catalyst for the person who wishes to receive the Technique, and because there is no need to know specific problems or symptoms, which can be either physical, mental or emotional there is no need to know any previous history.  The recipient remains fully clothed during the session while the practitioner uses a light touch on the hands, feet and head, known as spinal reflexes.      These reflexes act as a trigger for the person's own inner healing to be activated,  transforming any patterns that may have limited or been held on to in whatever way is right for the person with no interference from the practitioner.  

Trance Healing -  Trance Healing is a similar process to Spiritual Healing but involves a more direct link between the Spirit World and the patient.

Spiritual Advice and Guidance
 - Sometimes within our lives we need a little guidance and advice, especially when we come up against difficulties and choices we have to make.  This consultation will assist you in all manner of areas.  

Absent Healing - Absent Healing can be sent to people over a great distance around the world to those in need.  Add people in need of healing to our healing book.

Positive Thinking - A sense of well-being and balance within the mind set.