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One to One, Telephone, Skype and Email Readings





I am a Psychic and a Medium, which gives me the ability to work intuitively, along with my Psychic ability and to be able to connect to the spirit world as well as the Angelic Realm. During my readings I will be using all of these abilities.

The readings are for help and guidance to see your way forward within you life, the messages from the Angels are so loving, uplifting and encouraging.  It is my privilege to be working with the Angels to help and advise you with issues in your life. If you have any questions that you would like to ask, I will ask the Angels for their advice.

I always say the right people from the spirit world will come to speak to you during your reading that needs to pass on information that will help you during that time. People on the other side have free will and I can not call them up to be there for you during your readings, I can only give you what I get from the lovely spirit that comes during that time.

Please note that I do not do just Mediumship within my readings.

Tarot Reading is £20.00

If you would like to book a reading or have any questions please call

0776 725 8436